Saturday, July 19, 2014

Who wants to have a Limited Edition KAITO barbie doll?

HEY!!! my first cover post here in my blog! of course, i'll start from my latest cover XD

so this is really sound awkward when you hear this, like totally. i made him so gay that every english vocaloid becomes gay too XD thanks to all the people who used my vsqx!

Listen to it and enjoy!
oh and by the way, the vsqx can be downloaded at the UST & Vsqx Download page.

Pages Added

wooo! Good Morning Philippines and Good day to the rest of the world!

I slept late last night because of working in this site/blog and it was kinda fun, although i'm having a bad time figuring out some tricks and stuff to make this blog customized. it's kinda hard cuz i dont have any experience in making blogs and website. I should say that this site is pretty neat and really easy to customize than the ones i'm using right now, it's kinda complicated to use webs or its just me, idk.

I added 5 pages last night and i filled 2 of it, the Voicebank Download and the VSQx and UST Download section. I still dont know what to put on the rest of the pages especially on the information section. The Information of my UTAUloid is already on the UTAU Wikia, should i just copy paste it all or should i make a new one idk lol.

well anyways, i hope this blog/site will come out good! i'm looking forward to it.

Friday, July 18, 2014

UTAdroids will be In blogger!

Hello Blogger!

UTAdroids will transfer here and i hope this will be good! It's nice to meet you all! lol idk what tp write XD