Saturday, August 16, 2014

Otoing & Mixing Commission Page Added!

Yay!!! //throws confetti of everyone!

i now accept otoing and mixing commissions!

i opened a commission because i need to but a new PC because the one I'm currently using can't catch up on my pace OTL its laggy and very slow now TwT

so please help me gain some small fund by availing my chep commissions

btw i think I'm the fastest otoer in the fandom(self-proclaimed desu~ hue..) //shot dead

well anyways, please i really need you help! just think of it as a Charity for people who are so broke in life. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!

please check the page or click here

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Who said that Macne Nana V3 EN is too cute for Bad-ass Songs?!?!

seriously though, she's 3o853729754 times much better than Squeaky Hatsune Miku EN, although her voice is kinda muffled at some words but its really easy to fix with EQ stuff in Mixing. She's so underrated. YOU PEOPLE SHOULD REALLY DISCOVER HER POTENTIAL!

i edited the vsqx with in 3 hours, and idk if its good enought for you guys~ well anyways, Enjoy it!!

VSQx is in the download section

KAITO is on Vacation right now~ :3

who doesnt want an almost naked Kaito at the beach? XD
seriously, someone should ban me and take Kaito away from me XD i'll just keep on murdering his manliness if no one wont  stop me //pushed off the cliff


vsqx download is in the UST/VSQx section

Otoing and Mixing Commission! (1 to 2 days or MONEY BACK + FINISHED OTO GUARANTEED!!)

If you're tired of sitting there and dragging those thin colorful lines or tired of waiting for weeks or Months for the Oto to finish, Dont fret my friend, Ryan-Kun to the rescue!! //kicked hard
I can oto your Voicebank(CV & VCV) for just 1 to 2 days! Guaranteed! no more dragging lines, no more long waits, save time and effort, you can also lose weight! idk if its possible but yeah //stabbed

On the serious part though, I'm really in need of income right now to buy parts for my PC or buy a new one because its really old, i think it will be 8 years old next month. so please help me by availing my commission! i would really appreciate it! think of it as a charity work.

"guidelines/rule thingy or what-evs"
1.) CV & VCV are accepted for now
2.) I'm Accepting ROMAJI or HIRAGANA encoded voicebanks (preferably with base oto)
3.) CV voice files must be recorded not shorter than .5 seconds(500 msec) 
4.) I have the right to decline a commissioner
5.) commissioners should wait for the "confirmation" before paying.
6.) First Come, First Serve Basis
7.) 1 to 2 days or Money back + FINISHED OTO GUARANTEE!
8.) 2 day warranty (if you found error/s on the oto, i will fix it)
9.) Choose between:
Normal Mode: 6 to 8 days per VB/pitch 
Express Mode: 1 to 2 days (or earlier) per VB/pitch. GUARANTEED!
10.) one must not rush me if its not in "express Mode"

If you're interested, please read my dA journal for more information:

Monday, August 4, 2014


OH LOOK! Kaito is enjoying himself at the Y.M.C.A. XD

i just love this song even its so old. dayum! its the fun part of my childhood, i remember when i attend a birthday party and I dance this one. it was kinda embarrasing yet fun XDD hehehe

enjoy! the VSQx is in the Download section

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Prepare for the new Dancing Queens!!


Its been a while since i posted something here. sorry my internet is kinda b*tch when it comes to blogger, it doesnt open and saying some thingies that i dont understand.. well anyways, Here! have some Kaito x Gumi Duet! they are the new dancing queens of vocaloid, YES! DANCING QUEENS //stares at kaito

this is one of  my mom's favorite and we like to sing this song together XD

To be honest, I dont like this  pairing, i feels kinda wrong and yet i'm pushing this ship to the fandom. so ironic, right XD lol oh well ENJOY this cover!