Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Voicebank (CVVC) & Commission News


how you all doing? i'm sure good! it's been a while since i posted something here. sorry, i was too busy with my  commissions and real world stuff, especially in school.gghhuuugh~! final examinations are coming! XD anyways, I planning to release a new test voicebank for Ryan moriyama next month. it's in JP CVVC recording format and i don't know if this will be successful since i really don't know how to oto JP CVVCs but i will try my best to make this bank will be a 1 pitch voicebank with some extra english samples. YES! it is based on ritsu's first CVVC, not the EVE one.  if you want to hear the sample of the VB, jsut check the SC link here.

so in relation to the new CVVC voicebank i'm releasing, i will be opening my otoing commissions to CVVC type next month too! yay! hooray for CVVC users! it will not be expensive than the VCV price but not too cheap than CV, i'm still deciding the price though.

Speaking of my otoing commission, GUYS! good news! i gave 25-50% discount on selected service! its for the upcoming 2014 Halloween! yay!!! skdjhad the discount will open until November 1, 2014 @ 11:59 PM. Check the new price list here: Otoing Commission @ dA

as for the other UTAU voicebank news.... currently, there are no plans on updating Lolzki Moriyama or any addition voicebank languages for my utauloid.

welp, that's it for now! gonna study for my exams this coming thursday and friday XDD see you guys soon!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

New Utauloid English Cover + UTAU Otoing Commission Update

Yay!! another English cover!!! but this time, it's a serious song. you can Download the ust/vsqx in the download section. this utauloid is pretty amazing and cute! you should download her!

Anyways, My Fast UTAU otoing and mixing commission is still  Open, please help me reach my goal! you can apply it in here or on my Deviantart! thank you