Wednesday, February 25, 2015


i know you've heard it now, but for those of you who doesnt know, there is a new vocaloid released last Febuary ,2015 and her name is Cyber Diva! you read it right! so move aside miku, there is a new diva coming!!

she is the highest quality voicebank ever built! and she's really understandable, thanks to the guys from Yamaha who really made a research on how to make a better English Vocaloid! i salute you!!

I really want her voicebank and I'm so broke to buy her OTL so recently i met a very lovely friend who owns her voicebank and I requested her if she can render the vocals for me.She totally agreed and CyVa's Voicebank didn't disappoint me! OMFG she's clear as fuck! you dont even need to see the lyrics of the song when she sings! like, super WOW!!

 here is the cover i made using her and with a little help from my friend, alyssa! Thank you so much gurl!!!

she totally nailed it! even with growls and stuff XD maybe in the near future, i'm gonna buy her and abuse her voicebank like 24/7 lol. just kidding~

anyways, thank you so much for visiting my blog! Well sorry too because it looks like shit! i really have zero knowledge when it comes to web designing OTL i'm not an artist.. I hope you still enjoy your stay here! thank you. Well, good day to everyone! XD

Saturday, February 7, 2015

UPDATES: UTAdroids' upcoming voicebanks + Commissions + Covers

Hello guys!

it's really been a long time since I posted something here, I'm sorry... For the past months, my internet connection was so unstable that I can't open any websites except for Facebook, Deviantart & Youtube. like seriously, everyday, my connection was only 10 to 70 Kbps. TwT It really sucks but GOOD NEWS! i have a new ISP(Internet Service Provider). now i can surf without a problem and my speed is 300 Kbps to 3 Mbps. well its not fast as your connection but it's still good!

So about my Otoing Commission, My goal was already reached! Yay!! let's celebrate!! WWOOOOOOO I already bough a 2nd hand or a pre-owned 15.6 inch laptop and it really works pretty! Sorry, Brand new laptop unit was too much for me OTL. though i still need money to pay my tuition for college. I decided to pay it with my own money because, i dont know, I just need to. So MY OTOING COMMISSION WILL BE STILL ACTIVE UNTIL I GRADUATED!! Celebrate all of you!!!

and As for the Upcoming voicebank of Ryan Moriyama, there will be an update for all of his voicebanks + 2 new VBs will be release! it will be called Voice+ -Scar & Sky- WOOOOO along with this line up is:

  1. Ryan Moriyama Core reloaded
  2. Voice+ -ANGEL-, -MELANCHOLY-, -HYPER-, -FUWA-  (reloaded)
  3. Voice+ -Blast ADULT- reloaded 
  4. Voice+ -DREAM ADULT-
  5. Exp Voice+ -EN ADULT-(VCV), -PH ADULT-(VCV+VC)
  6. Voice+ -Scar & Sky-
Basically, i will rerecord all of these voicebanks with a new and better mic. Im planning to buy Blue yeti or a Blue Nessie mic for this project. I hope I will choose the best Mic! good luck for me!! so this is a really big project and I sad to announce that this will be THE LAST UPDATE/VOICEBANK FOR RYAN MORIYAMA! i will no longer make any voicebanks for him or any update after this one. i feel like I concentrated to much to him and i have more plans for this series(UTAdroid). i hope you'll understand.

On the other hand, this year will be Lolzki's Year, my 2ne utauloid. its been so long since i've used him OTL i feel bad for him now, i feel like i abandoned him TwT but dont worry! i will update his voicebanks as soon as i finished with Ryan's and i will add tons of VBs for him! i hope you'll be happy with the results of my experiment!

Lolzki Moriyama's Voicebank Line-Up:

  1. Lolzki Moriyama Voice+ -ShoudoU-
  2. Exp Voice+ -ShoudoU PH- & -ShoudoU EN-
  3. Voice+ -BrOKeN-
so i think that's all i have to say now. i'm sorry for my English OTL i wrote this at 3 A.M. in the morning & i cant think of anything except bed huehuehue well anyways, thank you so much for supporting me guys and keep those voicebanks up! I'm always here to oto your Utauloids! cheers!!