Monday, June 13, 2016

New Covers! + Announcements(I guess?)

Hey guys! long time no post! i uploaded some new covers in my YT channel, please check it out!
and for a change i guess, i will regularly be posting my latest cover her from now on! i will be more active in here yay!!! i'm really looking forward to it! haha enjoy these songs!

Alive Featuring Fukase

I don't know why but Fukase is really easy to use, especially his English voicebank! I really love his accent and how he pronounce the word!

Diamonds Featuring Fukase

Another Sia Song I made. FYI, this song was composed by her and sung by Rihanna. Recently, I've been into Sia songs. I really love the feel and the message of every song she wrote! Damn, i would totally freak out if i meet her! 

Ameato Featuring Fukase

well, i used his Japanese VB now, just for a change! and its dang good! like his English VB, the JP has a really high quality sample and much easy to use!

Hohoemi no Bakudan Featuring Fukase

I'm really sorry, i cant stop using him! i lvoe him so much and i cant get enough!

Cheap Thrills Featuring Ruby

now back to english, and sia! OH LOOK! another cover using her and sia's song!! what a perfect combination!! i really love the sound of mature vocaloids. i really hope they produce more mature ones!

Ohayou Featuring Hiyama Kiyoteru

SENSEI!!! its been so long since i've used my 2nd Vocaloid! yup i got him after my oliver. well as expected, his totally awesome! WHY CANT WE LOVE HIM MORE!! i mean, he's totally one of those Vocaloids that are super underrated! i wish people will use him more!